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Rick the Bomber

So, how much debt is too much debt?

Is your total debt (including your mortgage) less than 40% of your annual income? That's the TOTAL US debt - about 40% of what the US economy produces each year (GDP). Don't confuse that with Bush's HUGE deficit - which is about 5% of our annual GDP. And, it includes funding to rebuild our military, SDI, fight terrorism, and enough social spending to elect enough new Senators in 2004 to stack the courts with a generation of conservative judges.

Do you own homework and look up what our TOTAL debt and deficits were during WWII after eight years of slumber under liberal leadership that discounted the threats from the Nazi's and the Japanese.... you bunch of naive, lazy, self-centered, myopic, ingrates.


OK, Mr. Loyalty-Pants, so how about the $20 million EXTRA for the NEA? On top of everything else? And how do the numbers compare to the USA after 2 years of WWII? And did FDR go off on social tangents -- expensive, resource consuming tangents -- during the toughest days of the war, or did all that WPA crap get put on hold?
Except for the National Endowment for the Arts, which is inexcusable, I'd really like to know. But NO I won't do my own homework, I want you to spoon feed it to me.


I thought they were supposed to be the party of fiscal conservatism and less government. Sure haven't seen that out of this administration.


Nope. Haven't seen any fiscal conservatism. I'm down with the President's tax cuts, but I'm not down with his spending. He needs to hear from us that we don't like this spending.

Rick the Bomber

I don't get the NEA spending, but $20 million to the national debt is about the equivalent of a cup of water in your pool. Most of the deficit spending, if not all of it, is due to security infrustructure and the war on terror - both long term investments that will pay huge dividends if we are successful. If you think it is too much money, imagine the cost to the global economy if Al Queda is able to succeed in leveling a major western city - or two - or three. We would literally enter a Dark Age of uncertainty that would take decades to recover from. And, that is their objective.

Yes, I am loyal to Bush - because he is the Winston Churchill of our day. And, because liberals hate him so much.

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