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As the system works now I am afraid to put my life or property in the hands of a jury. I do not want my future depending on six or twelve people (depending on the constuction of said jury)who were not smart or crafty enough to get out of service. Being former law enforcement with a father who is a retired deputy sheriff I will never be allowed to serve on a jury by any defense attorney..
However, if payments to jury members were instituted wouldn't my equal rights be violated. I would be shut of from a possible income source and all law abiding people would love to see me serve on as many juries as possible. I am familar with the system and a fairminded man.


Screw your rights, Bone! No one likes you and your mother dresses you funny. (NOTE - Bone is a very old friend. This is NOT contributing to a hostile blog environment.) But seriously, that 's why you'd base it on two year's tax returns - no one would be getting paid extra. Or wait, we could have a volunteer option! Now that would be scary.

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Seen at low tide

  • American White Pelican
    Saw 30 in one flock on a weptember evening while fishing
  • Hummingbird
    Finally, my first hummingbirds. Saw them on a fire bush in Crystal Beach, FL. My rental's neighbor's yard is all xeriscaped, which is ugly to me but just fine with the little hummers. At first, I thought they were the biggest hornets I'd ever seen.
  • Flamingo!
    One of these dudes flew right over my house. I couldn't believe it. And please don't tell me it was a roseated spoonbill because it was a frickin' flamingo, dude! Huge and pink and right there above me. I was like so freaking out, you know?
  • Falcon!
    Don't see these guys too often. Wish we did. Bet the morning doves don't.
  • Black Skimmer
    These beauties are getting scarce, but one flew by yesterday at low tide on the hunt for minnows.
  • Dead sea turtle
    cool, but smelly
  • Reddish Egret
    These have been hanging out around the pool quite a bit lately. Must be a new group of adolesent birds -- the youngsters like to hunt where the water is clear, and it takes them a day to figure out there are not now and never will be fish in the swimming pool no matter how clear the water.
  • Sand Piper
  • Brown Pelican
    I saw a flock of about 200 of these at Disappearing Island yesterday, just south of Anclote Island on the west coast of FL. Good to see such a large flock.
  • Wood Pecker
    They've developed a sudden interest in the orange tree, which just went into bloom.
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