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And how much did you have to drink before you concocted that rediculous speech?


Actually, Kissmyasspoo, I haven't had a drop in over 3 months.

That's how I feel. That's how a lot of us feel.

Read it again and look deep inside yourself. If you find you still disagree with joining the Army yourself or with killing people who say "warmonger", I can accept that. The rest is non-negotiable.

It will be a great pleasure to kick your ass again at the next election.


Now, if only members of congress would feel as passionately as their constituancies, maybe the majority could rule with certitude and clairity.


You can add:

We are sorry we lied about Bush planning to start up the draft.

We are sorry we lied about Bush planning to cut SS by 45%.

We are sorry we smeared Vietnam veterans (again) by attacking and not examining the Swiftboat charges against Kerry.

We are we lied about 1,000,000 blacks being turned away from the polls.

We are sorry about Bush = Hitler.

We are sorry about Ashcroft = Hitler.

We are sorry we lied about Bush’s military service.

Wallace-Midland, Texas

Great list, but I think my old Company Commander over in Odessa, Florida will stop drinking beer before any of these come to pass!

Rick the Bomber

Dittos. But, since none of that will happen, how 'bout we extend an olive stick across their backsides instead?

I will gladly volunteer my weekends for the next year to help them pack their shit onto the next outbound freighter.


Happy Carpenter is obviously someone born without a brain, or someone who consciously decided to turn his brain off, keep it off, and become a gullable, following, conforming twit.

Lets see what kind of state the USA is in 2 years from now, considering no President has ever had such LITTLE respect around the globe as Dubyah currently has now. Perhaps the Carpenter twit is a typical American who things it doesnt matter what the rest of the world thinks.....sadly its thinking like that which encourages and invites terrorism AT HOME in the USA, particularly when the current US Administration insists on interfering with other nations by spreading its own version of "LIBERTY" around the world.

Get a life Carpenter fool, you are a lost gullable twit who is without a clue of reality

Rick the Bomber

Scott, I'm sure I wouldn't agree with your definition of "respect." Your master-debater and French-like candidate got his butt kicked by Dubya. Osama, Michael Moore, and your ilk seem to have a common perspective of the world. Osama's view from the back of his cave allows him a legitimate excuse for being so myopic. And, Michael Moore lives under a rock. What's your excuse?

Let me know if you need help packing your shit. Maybe you could move to the Ivory Coast where the French are imposing their version of Liberty.


Nice additions, PerfectSense. I thought of some of those, but felt I had to stop somewhere.

As for Scott, it's people like you who make winning so much fun. Allahu akhbar, maybe I'll see you in Canada next time I go skiing. You lost I won eat it eat it eat it!


I got news for ya Carpenter. Ya need not help me pack, I have not any need to since I already live in the greatest country in the world, Canada! I don’t live in the land of the Enslaved (sometimes referred to as America). I prefer it here where we understand what human decency and compassion is all about, where we actually DO take care of our own, and we are not so foolish to think that we can change the world just because we don’t agree with the political and religious beliefs of other countrys. Actually in your case, there is other agendas that come first for your corrupt Gov’t , but unfortunately the only ones who actually see through it all are the citizens of the worlds living OUTSIDE of America

Ignorance, small-mindedness, fear, and religion were the driving factors that won the election for Bush, ….pretty friggin sad and pathetic really when you consider American is SUPPOSED to be the most advanced nation in the world. It seems to me progress took a backseat to puritanism in your country. In other words, you are moving backwards as a people, not forwards.

Reality is SERIOUSLY threatened when CNN shows evangelical Christians talking about why they are voting Bush, and proclaiming that the sky is going to open up and the apocalypse will occur, and those who haven't accepted Christ will be destroyed, and the evangelicals will be raised to Heaven, as part of the basis for their electoral decision.

The facts and stats are in, Bush won on “Morality” issues alone. (and I put the word in quotes of course because it is none other than a perceived morality) Bush appealed to all small-town America, which summed up makes up for a large perecentage of the country, many of whom are either ignorant yahoos that don’t see farther than their own backyard, or are mentally deficient in some way in that they can't see the outlandish corruption the Bush family has embraced for a century now, and how they continue to pull wool over the eyes of ignorant Americans with lies and boring catch phrases, meanwhile their self-serving agendas take #1 priority behind closed doors. Bush doesn’t give a flying fidoo about the average American, never did!! Besides, Dubyah doesn’t wear the pants in that Administration, his daddy does, Cheney does, but Dubyah is just a figurehead puppet on a string. But I suppose that’s not a bad thing, considering his IQ is equal to that of a pebble. I mean lets face it, every nation around the world views him as the village idiot.

American is not growing as a people or as a nation, America is regressing into puritanism. Americans are reverting back into the stone Ages when an election outcome can be decided on religious morals. Ironically, the hardcore republicans are probably the LEAST religious by definition of the word, but when it comes to votes, they are good pretenders, and will create any kind of facade and illusion to win an election, especially if it entails what they do best, and that is instilling fear into naive God fearing Americans.

George Bush’s Administration has thrived on keeping Americans scared shitless for the last 4 years as a ploy to do as they wish while easily silencing those who may object. They have succeeded BRILLIANTLY , but what kind of America is that? Based on the actions Bush has taken (Patriot Act) and the mindless words he has uttered (“you’re either for us or against us” - translation: “either agree with every opinion and viewpoint I have or you’re my enemy) he is a disgrace to the Stars and Stripes, and he is an embarrassment to your Charter of rights. Based on these things Dubyah has done, he may as well have, on live national television, pulled out an American Flag, laid it on the ground, pulled out his tiny Johnson, and pissed and shit all over it……because that’s pretty much what he has done every day since being elected in 2000 anyway.


So if all the 18-25 year olds go off and join the military that is the Republicans as well Right? I wanna see the Bush Twins over there.


Good point 2Point. I wonder how quicky this Ignoramous Carpenter fukwit would change his tune if he had/has a son or daughter that all of a sudden was told she/he must go to Iraq tomorrow.

These Republican neocon idiots should feel immense shame from everytime they make such lame accussattions that others are not supporting the soldiers in Iraq, merely because they speak out against their reasons for being there. The soldiers in Iraq who ARE opposed to being there are growing day by day because they are confused, and they see no plan, and no end to the means. Its rediculous and its pathetic the disilluision they are being put through. They were taught to be brave and courageous by fighting to the death for their country if need be, but thats the key words!! "ONLY IF NEED BE!" This is NOT what they are doing right now, what they are doing now is courageously fighting a senseless, pointless, and illegal war , NOT for their country, but to further accomplish the self-righteousness of a bigotted, ruthless, and corrupt U.S Gov't.

Fortunately, these soldiers are very brave and DO have courage, and because of that, many are now speaking out, and many back home are also saying they will not go back, regardless of any consequences, even if they are court martialled and sent to jail. Now that their eyes are becoming wide open, they are sticking to their new found principles coming from their heart, soul and minds as humane and compassionate people as well as soldiers. THATS HOW WRONG THEY KNOW IT IS TO BE THERE!

Rick the Bomber

Get used to it, Scott. Whiners like you exist to be marginalized by the depressing grip of socialism. You're right were you belong and you are mentally prepared for the journey. You’ve got the arrogant/ignorant combo thing nailed – and you’re filled with jealousy, envy, and the hatred of American idealism thing. You are a Michael Moore ditto head.

You guys were as wrong about Churchill & Reagan as you are about Bush. Same mindset – new generation. No other nation in history has ever sent so many of its bravest and brightest to so many foreign lands to fight for so many to be free. The most America has ever received in return is a small plot of soil to bury it’s fallen. We do not conquer or indoctrinate. But we do believe that Arab children are no less worthy of freedom than you and your socialist comrades in cowardice in Europe.

Last week Americans overwhelmingly said to the free countries of the world who were meddleing in our Presidential election – all of whom owe their freedom to America: go home and eat shit – don’t tell us how to interpret a threat to our way of life or when to fight. You’ve never gotten it right and we have every single time. Stay home and wring your hands and stomp your feet.

Of course, when too many of you become naive, complacent, and weak, America will be there-like we always have been-to snatch freedom back from your oppressor. Though your entire generation will not have earned the loss of a single American life, your children will deserve a better fate - just like the Iraqi children deserve better than Saddam's gift of Uday and Qusay.

For the record, the Happy Carpenter is not a religious man. Neither am I. However, we and our wives are unabashedly red-blooded heterosexual, highly educated Americans - and prolific manufacturers of the same - and in a heart-beat would die for our freedom, rather than live in your depressing world.


HA!! Rickthebomber, thank you for the entertaintment value of that post just now. Your combination of enormous arrogance and ignorance had me on the floor laughing.

Trust me pal......it will be a cold day in Hell before I am ever envious/jealous of shallow twits like yourself. And as much as I do have many American friends who I love and respect, living in America is something I would never do, and therefore could never feel envious of being American.

Oh...spare me the lame [i]"No other nation in history has ever sent so many of its bravest and brightest to so many foreign lands to fight for so many to be free" [/i] argument , ok. We've all heard it a kazillion times , its getting old now. Fact is, The USA NEVER sends its soldiers to fight for others out of the goodness of their own hearts. Either they are forced into the situation such as WW2 (and I have relatives who died in that war LONG BEFORE the USA even took any interest in it, so fuck you) or they have ulterior motives with respect to the political situation before and after.

Who ever said Saddam was not a ruthless son-of-a-bitch who didnt need to be removed along with those cowardly bastard sons of his???? I didn't say that. I've never heard John Kerry or even a single Democrat say it either! Of course he needs to be removed, but in what way????? Fact is, people in the "know" , KNOW that with a little bit of collaboration and cooperation with the allies (especially with the with superb intelligence forces like Britains or Israel) , Saddam Hussein could easily have been eliminated without war. But thats not how Cheney/Bush and their cronies wanted it. They wanted to be INSIDE that country making waves, and controlling the oil fields in no time. I read once that for every ballistic missle engaged, thats approximately $15,000 that goes directly into the pocket of one of Cheneys former MFG companys where he is still on the board of directors! If you dont think there is vested interest ( or obvious conflict of interest in this case) well then you truly are a dolt thats been brainwashed well by the Republicans. And you call yourself educated....HA!

Another thing, go back and re-take your grade 1 arithmetic you idiot. 56% of the popular vote does not equate to overwhelming......try again fool.

Its laugable that in one breath you can accuse me of being arrogant, and in the next breath you claim that worlds populous does "owe their freedom to America". Whatever pal....who is the fucking whiner now??

But ya know where you REALLY show such blatant ignorance Rickthebomber?? Where you really show yourself as a uneducated fool is where you claim that America has sent so much of its brave to fight and in return only recieved "a small plot of soil to bury it’s fallen"......HA!!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP!
You really think any American Gov't Administration of days gone past would do that, again , JUST out of the goodness of their own hearts???? Are you really that gullible? ? ? Be rest assured that the Defense ministers, external affairs politicians, and whoever else involved reporting to cheney/bush, all had clear cut lists and expectations of what they expected to get, and what they expected to see transpire politically afterwards, BEFORE they offered any sort of military help. Like I say, the USA has NEVER volunteereed to help any country out unless there was something in it for them, that would appease their vested interests, their agendas, and their wealth. George Bush Sr alone has pocketed literally millions from the Arab world alone, and it wasnt shocking that Fahrenheit 911 revealed it.....it was shocking to however that some people didnt already KNOW this trut. Its sad when it takes someone like Michael Moore to let them know......thats what is really shocking. I am one of many that wasnt shocked by anything in that movie, because it either focussed on things I already knew, or it talked of things that wouldnt surprise me in the least if they were true. But Noooooo.......all the hypocritical uneducated fools like yourself prefer to focus on all the inaccuracies of such films in your pathetic attempt to completely avoid the truths!

Enjoy 4 more years of Dubyah. Since he has been in office, our Cdn dollar has gone from being worth 66 cents american, to about 83 cents. Give it another year or two, and no doubt our dollars will be equal, and a few more million jobs will have been lost in the United States. But Bush wont care, he is too focussed on sending your sons and daughters to die pointless deaths for the sake of fulfilling his ego and winning his prick waving contest.........wow.......what a brave leader you have there *rolling eyes*

Rick the Bomber

On second thought, maybe your children would be a lost cause. Who are we to interfere with nature's law of natural selection.


Both your children and mine may very well end up being a lost cause, being that the biggest threat to world peace and security is currently the President of the most powerful country in the world. And yeah....with that threat being very real, is it any wonder NON-U.S citizens from accross the globe get concerned about U.S elections. And when clueless and ignorant twits like yoursef tell us to keep our noses out of your affairs, is it any wonder our immediate reaction is that you can take your statements with you on a long walk off a short peer.

The day America keeps stops inviting itself into the affairs of others withouth being asked for help, that day the rest of us may be content to stop worrying about who the next idiot will be elected as President.

Thank God that self-absorbed tunnell visioned fools like you are a very small minority in this world, even if there are a lot of you that live south of the border in America: Land of the enslaved.

Rick the Bomber

Okay...I consulted with my six year-old last night on how to respond to your endless childish blabber. How's this - I'm rubber, you're glue, what you say bounces off me and sticks to you.


Very Good comeback......sounds like the kind of evasive answers George Bush would give when he is at a loss for answers after someone has pointed out his utter stupidity.

Hopefully one day, for the sake of you and your family, you will wake up and get clued in.


Scott, I've been out of town without easy computer access for a few days, so I've been missing out on this entertaining thread. I hope you're still reading it.

Your comments show where your information is coming from. Is it any wonder that the Canadian broadcasting authority allows Al Jazera but not Fox News? Your information is very skewed, so it's no big surprise that your conclusions are so bad.

Trust me, Scott, you don't know beans about conservative Americans. We don't hate; we love. We don't attack; we defend. We want liberty for every man, woman & child in the world, including the very twits who attack us, be they NAZI, Ba'athist, Muslim, or Canadian. The Neocon insight is that the only way to true security is to liberate the oppressed. Substituting one tyrant for another will not increase our security, but converting a shithole like Iraq into a pluralistic democracy WILL increase our security, and theirs as well. I've yet to hear a lefty advance any other plan for places like Iraq. All I've heard is antagonism to President Bush's plan.

I love your country, Scott, and have visited many, many times, including my (first) honeymoon. I feel bad that Canada has lost its way and seems to prefer the Francosphere to the Anglosphere. Why not send Quebec to join New England America as a new socialist nation, and we'll let the English speaking part of Canada join with US, as should have been done 100 years ago.

Anyway, we'll leave the porch light on for y'all. Sooner or later you're bound to come to your senses. Sorry you lost relatives to the NAZI's before we got involved, but the arguments against getting involved in WWII were very similar to those you're advancing against the American war against Ba'athist Iraq. Think about that a minute. The difference between than and now was that those opposed to war in 1942 joined up after Pearl Harbor, whereas the Left of 2002 did not. Shameful.

Anyway, I'm glad to have a new commenter on my site. Welcome, and do drop in on other threads.


Hey 2point8, thanks for dropping by. Sort of a good point about the Bush twins, except can you see them doing any good in the military?
Me neither.
I made the mistake of being politically correct. I apologize. I should have said that MEN should join up, not men & women, since we have plenty of REMF's and pilots in the service; what we need is more infantry.
As to my own children, I have three. They're too young to be involved in Iraq, but if they were old enough and wanted to join up, then I would be very proud of them and very afraid for them. I'm their father, and those feelings would be only natural. If I were young, I'd join up myself, but at 43 they won't take me.
Stop by again, start a thread if you like.

Rick the Bomber

Pedro-you are still being too PC. The Bush twins are just too hot to send into combat. The fox hole jokes would never end. Send Pat Ireland and the other 15 members of the NOW battle-ax battalion.

PS - Be sure to let me know when your mom is back on line.


I don’t know where to begin my comments here Pedro, being that I am presently finding myself having to reply to one false statement after another that you have made.

Let me first begin by saying I have no idea where you got such ridiculous information about Al Jazeer broadcasts in Canada. Even though our politics differ Pedro, you come across as an intelligent man in your own right. Therefore, please take heed of my advice and be careful about making such preposterous comments to any Canadian contacts who you would like respect from……ha!!...... because doing so may likely get you labeled as an ignorant redneck American hick who hasn’t strayed any further from inside the perimeter of his own backyard…..lol. No offense man, just trying to help you out , because I have never heard anyone say anything so outlandish such as Al Jazeer being broadcast in Canada. I for one have Iived in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta over the last 20 years, and I can assure you that all three of these Provinces do broadcast FOX , and also, there isn’t a single part of this Country where Al Jazeer is broadcasted, or at least not legally! The CRTC would never allow such a thing in this country. However, you do have me feeling suspect about your sources for current events being that you mention FOX as your source of news Most intellects of the western world would all agree that when it comes to “real” & “legitimate” news, FOX news is a farce and a joke. Basically, FOX news is to Network news as Journalism is to the NY Post, that being, essentially a tabloid posing as a real news source, with no real priority other then to make headlines. You don’t get any more skewed and bias as you do with FOX news. No respected Journalist with integrity would ever go work for Fox news. At any rate however, I almost understand why you make FOX news as your reference being that the network basically serves as a PR machine for the right wing.

I never said Conservative Americans hate. The problem I have with Conservative Americans is clearly revealed by some of your very own self-righteous opinions and behaviour revealed in some of your comments I am now addressing. You say you want Liberty for every man on the planet, but who are you to decide for the rest of the world what that definition of “Liberty” is and should be??? Who are you to decide for the rest of the world how it will be achieved in a land far from your own, and with a culture and history you couldn’t even begin to understand. When was the USA granted the right to act as World judge and jury, or even GOD? What gives you or your Gov’t the right to tell other nations that “this is what we , the USA, call Liberty, and if you don’t practice it, we are going to invade and occupy your country until you do” …....and are you trying to tell me that if a country does not buy into your ideas of “liberty”, and thus refuse it, that they automatically become a threat to your country? That is absolutely absurd!!! Not only that, in my opinion, it is particularly hypocritical of the USA of all countries, to take such a stance considering they are the supposed leaders of the free world.

Trust me Pedro, Americans are being very naïve and hiding their heads in the sand when they proclaim “Jealousy” as the reason for America being so hated around the Globe. Nothing could be further from the truth. Unfortunately for the most part, it is the extremeties of conceited and arrogant attitudes of NeoCon America that makes the USA the most hated country on the face of the Earth. It is the from the acts of America invading countries under the guise and pretense of “spreading liberty” that continue to create these bad feelings among your Global neighours . Maybe American Gov’ts have succeeded at fooling a large percentage of their own citizens into believing their intentions and purpose, but it doesn’t work on educated people around the world who see right through the arrogance, the lies, the corruption, and the hidden agendas. Do a little research on the Bush family over the last 75 years my friend, and in no time, you will learn they are one of the most corrupt families in World History.

Perhaps in your mind Canada has lost its way, but when we sit here and watch the American President win over his country in an an election on moral issues alone by brainwashing the highly populated God fearing evangelists with his promises of taking a stand on these Moral issues, what we see is a country falling to Puritanism, and taking a few steps backsward instead of forward. Believe all you want that it is only the “Francosphere” Canadians who don’t support Bush or the republicans, but this is merely another one of many misconceptions on your part about Canada, not to mention the rest of the world outside of America. Sure enough, Francophones are overwhelmingly anti-Bush, but without a doubt, so is English Canada for the most part. In fact, the only geographies of Canada that have ever supported Dubyah over the last 4 years are the Urban areas of Alberta. (not surprising being that there is BILLIONS of dollars in American OIL Investment there)

I am absolutely dumbfounded by this closing comment of yours:
“ the arguments against getting involved in WWII were very similar to those you're advancing against the American war against Ba'athist Iraq. Think about that a minute”

Well....I didn’t need a minute, I needed only a few seconds to quicky grasp how out of touch your idea of reality is. WWII and the Iraqi War could not be any more different they already are, particularly with respect to the involvement of the USA. During WW2, there truly was a REAL threat, and your then courageous President Franklin Roosevelt did everything he could to convince Congress that the USA needed to enter the war to stop the terrifying threat of Hitler and the Nazi’s. Congress wouldn’t listen to wise ol Roosevelt, and refused to allow American involvement even though Nazi Germany along with the allies in Japan were slowly but surely establishing full occupation of Europe and were getting ready to conquer Britain. If ever there was a reason for the USA to enter the war for the sake of World security, that was it. However, they wouldn’t still, even at the insistence of Roosevelt. It wasn’t until there was thousands and thousands of casualties suffered later by the British, Canadians, and their allies that the USA finally got involved a few years later after Pearl Harbour was attacked.

The point I make here, is that if there ever was a JUST cause for the USA to enter a war, WWII was it, and they still didn’t until it was almost too late. In Iraq, the exact opposite situation exists. There was/is no just cause for the war the USA has waged. The Bush Administration defrauded every American citizen into believing the reasons for the offense, when the true reasons were clearly different ones that served to fulfill a hidden agenda of control by occupation whereby Bush’s administration would be very influential in a very heavy-handed way with respect to what kind of Government and “democracy” would be founded in the rebuildling process……IF they ever even manage to get to that stage. That is yet to be played out now, isn’t it now…….but oh, ..how enticing for Cheney and Bush considering the country of Iraq yields the worlds second biggest Oil reserve supply next to Saudi Arabia. But its cool with the Saudi’s!!! George Sr and the rest of the Bush family have been kissing their asses for years while personally pocketing millions of dollars over backroom –closed door agreements with respect to Oil deals

You may ask why I use such a strong statement accusing Bush of “defrauding the American People”, allow me to explain further. I am sure you remember the Spring of 2003 when Bush was all set to commence war with Iraq and he was repeatedly proclaiming his so-called JUST reasons to the American people and the rest of the world for being about to do so. Do you remember what his TWO primary reasons were? I certainly remember them clear as a bell as though it was yesterday.

#2 : WMD

Lets analyze the ridiculous premise of the first shall we? Remember during the first few days of the assault the when some were quite surprised at the fact the USA tanks and soldiers were able to just march right on in and were met with absolutely no resistance at all. It quickly became eminently clear to the world (before the war was so much as a week old even) that the country of Iraq had no military strength or power. Fact is, Iraqs Military was still so completely decimated and destroyed from the Gulf war 11 years earlier, that they didn’t even pose as a threat to their neighboring countries, NEVERMIND the most powerful country in the world on the other side of the World! ! Are you going to tell me that the USA didn’t already know this???.......considering todays advanced technologies of space-to-ground Satellite video surveillance, not to mention 10 years of intelligence……..or was America just not paying attention to Iraq between 91 and 03 *eye roll* ….c’mon man, gimme a break! Who you trying to kid

Then there is WMD. Obviously I don’t need to prove anything here do I ?? Probably the biggest blunder of American intelligence in years! To date, no WMD found anywhere, and to date, not the least bit of proof that any are there , or that any even existed.

Another thing……recall the the first day of the war for a minute will you. Remember when , out of the blue, the USA decided to label the offense: “Operation Iraqi Freedom” ?? Seriously think about that for a minute will ya. Do you not think it quite odd that after the Bush Administration spent literally months citing “WMD” and “Threats to US Security” as their reasons for waging war, that all-of-a-sudden on the FIRST day of war they would change their tune with “Iraqi Freedom” as their objective? Why would that be I wonder, huh?? Pardon my sarcasm with such a rhetorical question , but it cannot be helped considering the answer could not be any more clear and obvious. Bush and his Administration knew damn bloody well that they if they so much as dared to make any mention of the words “Iraqi freedom” before the offensive that Congress would have hammered down a stamp of disapproval faster than you can say SADDAM! Bush knew that there was no way that Congress and the American public would allow American lives to be lost and billions of dollars spent on a potentially lost cause that may never come to fruition. This is further proof of how Bushs Administration cunningly deceived the American people with underhanded politics. The American people have been not just been lied to, they have been deceived and taken for granted in the worst way by your devious leader who seems to stop at nothing to get his way.

At any rate, I feel confident that Cheney will fail miserably in getting elected in 08. By the time 4 years have passed again, the evangelical south will feel so betrayed by the republicans failing to comply with their promises of taking a stand of the moral issues , and on that basis alone the Democrats should win in a landside since the republicans success came upon the heels of their devious (but oh so brilliant) plan to brainwash the gullible religious fanatics into believing Kerry is the anti-Christ. By the time 2008 comes around, the evangelists that make up most of south and mid-west American will all be calling their president by the name of George W Judas! ....heheheh

Of course by that time maybe nothing will matter anymore……..I mean who the hell knows what kind of destructive and dangerous path Dubyah will have let the western world down by then. We can only be scared for our children and care for them as best as we can…….because one thing for certain, Bush has no concern for the future of my children or yours, that’s a definite

Rick the Bomber

Scott, you clearly have diarrhea of mouth. Shouting and repeating the same worn out nonsense, does not equate to wisdom or truth – it just makes you a babbling idiot.

If you don’t think the threat from radical Islam is a threat similar to the threat Hitler posed, then you don’t understand the issue. Talk to Arab Christians who know radical Islamists personally and have immigrated here for the safety of their families. Europe and Canada already have a serious threat on the horizon from Islamist who have systematically and patiently infiltrated high levels of government and corporations. Bush’s plan is not a 3 month or 3 year plan – it’s a 30 year plan. Their plan is to bring down western civilization and restore Islam to it’s status 800 years ago. And, with nukes and WMD readily available, it wouldn’t take much to bring down much of the world’s economy. Think that’s not possible? That’s fine, you and your myopic cronies can continue circle-jerking each other. We can’t allow naïve myopic little socialist panty-wastes to determine the fate of the free world. Been there. History (and Bush) will prove you to be on the wrong side again.

As for your moronic interpretation of the world’s view of America…lol. You are in a small minority of narrow-minded bigoted socialists in your own country. We couldn’t give a flying fuck what you, Moore, Chirac, or Osama think. You do not want America to be a beacon of hope and symbol for freedom. You want a humbled, weakened American so that your failed socialist ideals can be vindicated. The truth is if we opened our borders tomorrow, we would have 4 billion people clamoring to move here. This is what is driving your rage, isn’t it? You are living a lie and you babbling endlessly in an effort to justify it.

Print your diatribe and read it in two years. You’re wrong. History has proven you wrong repeatedly and will continue to do so.


Wow, Scott, you sure are a good typist. I've found most of my liberal opponents are much better typists than I, which puts me at a disadvantage.

Clearly we have a lot of misconceptions about each other. Clearly we use different sources for our news. FYI, Fox is not my primary source, nor secondary. Tertiary, maybe, but I get much more from foreign (to me) sources and the 'net than I do from any of the old media.

It was widely reported here, about a year ago, that some Canadienne bureau had approved al Jazera for something and simultaneously denied FOX. I don't remember exactly what, and it's a great relief to hear that FOX is broadcast in Canada and that al Jazera is not. Although the anchorettes on al Jazera are smokin' hot -- at least we should be able to agree on that.

As to who are we to define Liberty and what right do we have to impose it on the world, well, that's what this is all about. (I notice that you don't hesitate to sneer at Puritanism, although who are YOU to decide Puritanism is bad?) Some one has to define it, and who better than the world's oldest democracy? Who else -- the corrupt and ineffective United Nations? Anyway, Liberty is universally understood in broad terms -- we're FOR it, the terrorists are against it. Tyrants and dictators everywhere are against it. But Liberty is our secret weapon, and when the tango's decide to use our airliners to kill our citizens on our soil, the gloves come off and it's GO time. We are going to neutralize all of the terrorists and to do that we are going to liberate their people, like it or not. We did it, with some help from Canada and the rest of the allies, to Germany and to Japan. I don't know what Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Iran will look like in detail 20 years from now, but I know 2 things:
1 -- they will be better than they were 3 years ago by any humane standard, and
2 -- they will not be glowing in the dark, because by reforming them before they put together the equation of WMD + Terrorism = USA massive nuclear retaliation we are saving their very lives.
We're doing what we're doing because we love them, because we don't want to let them kill a bunch of us, and we don't want to have to kill a bunch of them. We respect them enough to think them capable of intelligence and freedom. We are not racists. Many of those who oppose us -- I mean in Europe and sadly Canada too -- are racists who think the Arabs incapable of becoming decent.
President Bush is right about that, and he has great concern from the future of our children -- you couldn't be more wrong about that. I love the man. He is literally saving the world.
Well, I'd love to chat longer and better, but I gotta get to work.

'da bronx


Additionally, our Tampa Bay Lightning beat your Calgary Flames for the Stanley Cup.


'da Bronx

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Seen at low tide

  • American White Pelican
    Saw 30 in one flock on a weptember evening while fishing
  • Hummingbird
    Finally, my first hummingbirds. Saw them on a fire bush in Crystal Beach, FL. My rental's neighbor's yard is all xeriscaped, which is ugly to me but just fine with the little hummers. At first, I thought they were the biggest hornets I'd ever seen.
  • Flamingo!
    One of these dudes flew right over my house. I couldn't believe it. And please don't tell me it was a roseated spoonbill because it was a frickin' flamingo, dude! Huge and pink and right there above me. I was like so freaking out, you know?
  • Falcon!
    Don't see these guys too often. Wish we did. Bet the morning doves don't.
  • Black Skimmer
    These beauties are getting scarce, but one flew by yesterday at low tide on the hunt for minnows.
  • Dead sea turtle
    cool, but smelly
  • Reddish Egret
    These have been hanging out around the pool quite a bit lately. Must be a new group of adolesent birds -- the youngsters like to hunt where the water is clear, and it takes them a day to figure out there are not now and never will be fish in the swimming pool no matter how clear the water.
  • Sand Piper
  • Brown Pelican
    I saw a flock of about 200 of these at Disappearing Island yesterday, just south of Anclote Island on the west coast of FL. Good to see such a large flock.
  • Wood Pecker
    They've developed a sudden interest in the orange tree, which just went into bloom.

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