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Bomber, its gotten to the point now where I simply find your inept vision and ignorance just plain humorous. You are a perfect living example of all that’s wrong with much of America. In some countries you have the Blind leading the Blind, in your case, it’s the tyrannical leading the blind, shallow, and gullible. Your type is the perfect “yes man” that the Bush Administration simply adores and dreams of. You are easily led down whatever path they so choose, you are not nearly intelligent enough to question your Government, and what Bush REALLY loves about your ilk, is how he can easily brainwash you to have you defend the republican agenda to the death even when they are exposed time after time again for lying to the very people who put them in power.

Simply put Bomber, you need to get out and see whats really going on in the world and stop being a hermit confined to the darkness of your basement. You are quite the narrow minded fool who’s only exposure to current events seems to be the right wing crap fed to you from your LOCAL news agencys as well as the short-sighted sensationalism of FOX news. I get the impression from your extreme lack of intelligence, that even I as Canadian understand America far better than you ever will in your lifetime.

Did you know, Bomber, that it is a complete contradiction in terms to say the phrase “radical Islam”. In fact, it would be less contradictory to say “Communist America” even as how absurd that sounds to you or I. Do you not know History? Have you ever read any books on the Jewish, Christian, Islamic faiths and what they stand for? TRUE Islam denounces violence in any shape or form and by all accounts , the Nation of Islam has rejected and denounced Osaman Bin Laden and all acts of terrorism. Islam is by far the most peaceful of all the religions and the most non-violent by accounts of factual history. Obviously when watching video of Bin Laden rant and rave like the bitter militant fool that he is, you are one of these ignorant twits who truly believes his words represent the Islamic views. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is, the Nation of Islam has repeatedly denounced Bin Ladens actions, politics, and most of all they deplore and denounce his self-appointed status of leading the Islamic faith. But you don’t want to even consider such truths because it is too convenient for you to make such unfounded assumptions so as to legitimize the dangerous crusade you have committed yourself to. Oh , and before that one-dimensional cranium of yours again prejudges me and and assumes I am an Islamist, let me assure you I am not affiliated with any religion . I am a born and baptized Catholic, but I am not a practicing one by any means. To me, Religion is the root of all evil responsible for pretty much every war in World History. Case in point : 2 religious pinheads like Bin Laden and George W Bush, two peas in a pod! The Bin Ladens and the Bushs have been close friends for literally years now, and it is amazing how identical in character those two tyrants truly are. Whats terrifying however, is that one of them leads the most Powerful country in the world.

Its quite comical that you would compare Hitler to this so-called “radical Islam” you speak of. These radical Islamist plans to bring down Western civilization you say?? And Nukes and WMD are readily available to them?? Wow! Link please?? Those must be pretty cool comic books you are reading buddy. Or do you get such information from the rallying cries at your weekly KKK or Masonic temple meetings. How are all the “radical Christians” doing anyways? Are they getting along well with the “radical Baptists” and the “radical Anglicans” ……I tell ya, I sure hope them there “radical Methodists” are keeping in line and not being too radical.

Simply because I give my take on the worlds view of America, that doesn’t mean it is also my view. Unlike yourself, I don’t try to back up my views by saying the “world” is on my side of the fence. Unlike yourself, I am actually able to think for myself and form my own opinions, something which has sadly become lost on much of America. Think what you will about my view, but the truth is I admire much of what America stands for and there is a certain patriotic mindset of American culture that I wish we as Canadians had as well. Similar to Canada, the USA has citizens that have heritage stemming from almost every culture around the world. However, in America , you all consider yourselves AMERICAN first. That’s the way it should be. In Canada I wish that same train of thought would hold true, it does to a certain degree, but too often it doesn’t. Historically, I also have great admiration of how the USA was founded as a country and nation. The Pilgrims who first set sail for the Western world were truly the most outstanding entrepreneurs of their time. They were an ambitious people who were sick and tired of living in a British “class society” that rendered them inferior solely because of their blood, ancestry, and race. So they did something truly amazing about it, didn’t they. When you consider all the hard work , the incredible vision, not to mention the lives lost, by the Pilgrim settlers and their offspring in establishing your constitution, charter of rights, and all everything else the Stars and Stripes were meant to stand for, it’s absolutely deplorable that over 200 years later, one Presidential Administration could spend 4 years spitting, shitting, and pissing all over those very principles your forefathers worked so damn hard to achieve.

Oh, and could you enlighten me as to how History has proven me wrong? And who the hell is the “we” you speak of?? Again, your generalizations remind me of Bush himself, though it’s naturally much more alarming that he is such a way. In the long term, YOU really don’t matter since you are prepared to to just nod your head with a Walt Disney -“Goofy”- like “unh Huh” while the Republic party continues to give you instructions on how to think. I mean,
I realize you are perfectly ok with allowing your president to speak for you, but surely you are not so shallow to think you speak for all of America……then again, maybe you are considering how incredibly uninformed and ill-bred you are.

Again, when an outsider points out his opinion of what the world view of America is, the only retort you are capable of is claims that the rest of us are full of jealousy and envy. *yawn* Do you have any idea how old that is getting. Do you have any idea of how simple-minded that makes you look? Is that REALLY the best intellectual argument you can bring to the table? Does it comfort you to believe that I or any other non-American desires to live in a country that calls its self free and democratic, meanwhile their leader rules with an iron fist, tells one lie after another to ensure his citizens remain living in constant fear so that he can best achieve the objectives of his “liberty spreading” crusade, silences those who question his actions telling them what they are allowed to question and what they cannot, and sending as many of his own Citizens to die horrible deaths in a war waged against a country who has never once attacked USA , nor threatened America in any such way. Oh yeah Buddy!.....open your borders, and billions will want to flock to America! *eye roll*


Da Bronx...

Nice to see there are some passionate hockey fans in Florida. I personally love the brand of Hockey an exciting team like the Bolts brought to the NHL last year. It was far more exciting than the boring clutch-and-grab style of play that teams like the New Jersey Devils mastered over the last 10 years that still won them 3 Stanley Cup championships , yet made the game that much less entertaining to watch.

The Tampa Bay Lightning are one of my favourite NHL teams, and their roster is full of highly skilled and talented Canadian boys who have great hockey careers ahead of them.......if we ever get back to playing again , that is


Scott, you say Islam is the most peaceful religion.
Wow. Just.... wow. And you call Rick the Bomber ignorant.



As I say, I dont care for Religion in general, no religion will judge me, only my creator will. But out of them all, Islam is practices peaces the most genuinely. As I said to the Bomber, if you understood history, you would know this as well.

You maintain Pedro, and, I quote you. " we are going to liberate their people, like it or not." , and you also say "We're doing a what we're doing because we love them, We respect them enough to think them capable of intelligence and freedom. We are not racists".

Being that you obviously have issues with the Islam faith as well, are we to assume that your definition of liberating them will include whatever it takes, even if it violates where it digs deep the most, their Faith ?? You say you respect them enough to think them capable of intelligence and freedom, but I guess you wont respect their faith too much huh? (and I wonder if your even aware of the smug patronizing snub of your remark....as if they COULDNT be capable of intelligence...in itself this remark of yours is racist and prejiduce).

You think I am ignorant? Buddy, there are more muslims on this planet than all other faiths combined, and if you think the USA can change the Muslim world by its own rules regardless of respect for the Muslim faith, then quite honestly, you belong in the Guiness Book of Records as the wildest DREAMER that ever lived. If there is one thing that is stronger than any amount of guns and ammunition my friend....its deep rooted faith. People die for what they believe in. As of a few months ago, The US casualties reached triple digits. If the USA decides their "GO time" includes what you are suggesting, American casualties will be in the tens of thousands in no time.

Thankfully however, even as arrogant and bigotted as your current Government administration is, I dont believe that they are that stupid that they would not be careful when it came to the nation of Islam.

Nothing you say can suprise me though I guess, especially since you already told me you think Bush is "literally" saving the world.......dream on. Your president is an idiotic, bigotted, buffoon who couldnt understand diplomatic relations if it slapped him upside the head.....he only understands his own crusade of "New World Order".....and he is just too plain stupid and disrespectful to understand how impossible it will be to achieve, unless he truly does want to destroy Planet Earth as we know it.


Still there, Scott?

I hope so, because I'm enjoying our discussion. You are correct to perceive I don't have a lot of respect for Islam. I don't have much respect for any religion as such. My respect or contempt is reserved for the people who practice a religion, and my respect/contempt stems from my observations of their actions, not their words or the contents of their particular sacred texts or revealed knowledge.

By my measurement, Islam -- now, today -- sucks. That's not to say that Christianity wasn't as bad or worse 500 years ago, but who cares? I am not writing a history book. I'm living here, now, today, and I am sick & tired of ragheads blowing up innocent people. To be sure, it's mostly Arabs I have a problem with, but then Iranians and Afghans aren't Arabs, so that starts to get murky fast. But the Islamofascists are today's NAZIs, and should be treated as such.

Praise be to Allah the merciful etc etc that George Bush is a man of insight and courage who will treat the Islaamist murderers as they deserve so the innocents in their midst can be saved. Does a Muslim require a despot or a tyrant in order to practice the 5 pillars? Is it absolutely necessary for Muslims to blow up Jews and New Yorkers? Are Muslims unable to practice their faith without corruption? And above all, why should they not be free from each other, safe in their persons and property, and in their thoughts?

Like the President, I think the people of Afghanistan and Iraq will like Liberty just fine once they've had it for a while. Like President Bush, I think those Muslims who have been liberated will, after a while, stop blowing up Jews and Americans. And, like W, I think the continued presence of free Afghans and Iraqis in the midst of the Middle East's cesspool of tyranny will become a serious problem for the Assads, Sauds, and assorted despots.

This has been the American way since 1916, mon ami, and has been quietly sweeping the world. With Justice, and Liberty, for all.


Scott, you keep refering to the Nation of Islam. What is that? Are you referring to Farrakhan's group?


When I speak of the Nation of Islam, I am not referring to the likes of Farrakhan by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it was/is militant crusaders like him who exploited the core values and scriptures of the Islamic Faith, and betrayed the teachings of the Quran by endorsing violent behaviour amongst his followers. I realize now that Farakhan often did refer to his representation as the "nation of" Islam, so thats probably where the misunderstanding is between you and I over this. In reality though, Farahkann didnt represent the Islamic faith , regardless of how much he felt obliged to grant himself the right to by using the label "nation of Islam".

Myself, neither do I practice any religion, and although I may have some contempt towards most religions in my own personal way, unlike yourself, I would never go so far to say I disrespect or have contempt for any individuals who practice a religion of choice. I guess the difference between you and I over this is that you put them all in the same boat. You keep saying "their", and "they", almost to suggest that Muslim terrorists are of the same mind and intentions as all Muslims who practive the Islamic Faith. This is a serious miscalculation on your part, even your president knows better than this.

It turns my stomach when I see and hear Canadians and Americans talk of Iraq and 9/11 in the same breath as if the two are related. There is no correlation what-so-ever between the two and to say there is only shows utter ignorance. Bin Laden and his fellow Talibans were deemed responsible for 9/11. The Talibans and Saddam Hussein always considered each other enemies of each other. Yet still Bush chose to walk away from Bin Laden when he had him cornered in the Mountains and instead chose to concentrate all his efforts on a person and nation that had nothing to do with 9/11. Why is that I wonder!?? Could it be that Bush knew if he had snatched up Osama Bin Laden, that there would have been too much pressure not to invade and occupy Iraq since the man responsible for 911 would have been found already? Sure makes sense to me

The way you are so quick to use the term "raghead" in the context of those who blow up innocent people, one gets the impression that you believe all muslims are terrorrists, and all terrorrists are muslims. Again, a serious error to make that will only spark tension and anger from the Muslim people in general. Maybe you dont care about that , but you better care if you seriously want to create peace in the middle east, you better care if you are serious about facilitating the liberation of these people. So long as you and others of the Western world maintain such a narrow mindset of all Muslims in general, you will never come remotely close to getting through to them , and your objectives and dreams of instilling your ideas of democracy will always be just that , a pipe dream. You can't help anyone unless you first understand them. It seems you are not even interested in understanding Muslims, you just want to label them, slap their wrists, and guide them through YOUR way of life and YOUR version of Liberty. You said earlier you are not intesrested in indoctrinating these people, but thats exactly what you want to do whether you care to admit it or not.

I wish you were right about Bush. If ever there was something I wish I was wrong about, its George Bush. But I know I am not wrong. I know I am right. I know George Bush is an evil son of a bitch who is no different that Osama Bin Laden. He is a tyrant in his own right because at heart he has no respect for these people. Dubyah has been accustomed to being a spoilt brat his whole life and getting away with whatever he wants. That makes him gutsy, but it doesnt mean he has balls. If he had balls, he would not have spent half his life avoiding responsibility like evading the draft. If he had balls, he would have faced the democrats head on with the real issues instead of portraying Kerry as a God hater in the the southern and midwest states. I have seen some of the commercials played down there, they pretty much stopped just short of depicting Kerry as the Anti-Christ. And as I said before, its common knowledge now that THIS is how Bush so strategically won over most of America........on MORAL issues.

Oh and by the way......if these so-called Islamofacists (as you care to call them) are in fact todays Nazi's (as you maintain they are), then shouldnt they and Bush be really be good pals and friends, considering how the Bush family has always had close ties to the Nazi Party. Or were you even aware of that?? Did you even know that Dubyahs Grandady (Prescott Bush) and great Grandaddy (George Herbert Walker) not only funded a large part of the Nazi war machine in the late 30's, but in fact were still doing so while American lives were being blown off the ground in Pearl Harbour , and kept doing so until 1942 when finally Roosevelts Administration stepped in and put and end to it citing them with violation of the "trading with the enemy act". And hey, if you dont believe ME, by all means I encourage you to investigate yourself by checking out the periodicals at your local library. I am not making any of this up, there is all kinds of literature out there on it.

Here is just one of many...........

" George Bush's support is because the Bush family fortune is old, and it's big, and comes from a century old alliance with the most powerful interests on Wall Street and in industry. Worse, part of Dub-a-Ya's money comes from grandfather Prescott Bush's financial alliance with the Nazis.

Ten months after entering World War II, America was preparing its first assault against Nazi military forces. Prescott Bush was managing partner of Brown Brothers Harriman. His 18-year-old son George, the future U.S. President, had just begun training to become a naval pilot. On Oct. 20, 1942, the U.S. government ordered the seizure of Nazi German banking operations in New York City which were being conducted by Prescott Bush. the US Alien Property Custodian, under the "Trading With the Enemy Act," seized the shares of the Union Banking Corporation (UBC). Prescott Bush was a director and shareholder. The largest shareholder was E. Roland Harriman. (Bush was also the managing partner of Brown Brothers Harriman, a leading Wall Street investment firm.) The UBC was established to send American capital to Germany to finance the reorganization of its industry under the Nazis. Their leading German partner was the notorious Nazi industrialist Fritz Thyssen, who wrote a book admitting much of this called "I Paid Hitler."

Among the companies financed was the Silesian-American Corporation, which was also managed by Prescott Bush, and by his father-in-law George Herbert Walker (who supplied Dub-a-Ya with his name). The company was vital in supplying coal to the Nazi war industry. It too was seized as a Nazi-front on November 17, 1942. The largest company Bush's UBC helped finance was the German Steel Trust, responsible for between one-third and one-half of Nazi iron and explosives. Prescott Bush was also a director of the Harriman Fifteen Corporation, (this one owned largely by Roland's brother, Averell Harriman), which owned about a third of the Consolidated Silesian Steel Corporation, the rest owned by Friedrich Flick, (a member of Himmler's "Circle of Friends" who donated to the S.S.).

Republican Presidential candidate Bush's great-grandfather, Bert Walker, helped organize the Harriman investment in the Hamburg-America Line of ships, of which grandfather Prescott became a director. It was seized on August 28, 1942 because it was used to give free passage to Nazi propaganda and propagandists, and had earlier shipped guns to the Nazi's private armies to assist their takeover of Germany.

Further examples would be more tedious than shocking. But, given these evil financial dealings, how did Prescott later become a Republican Senator, and George H.W. become President? Well,the two leading attorneys for these Bush-Harriman-Nazi deals were John Foster Dulles, later Secretary of State under Eisenhower, and Allen Dulles, future head of the CIA. "

......just one of several chapters of corruption, deceipt , and crooked dealings regarding the family of Bush criminals.


Nice tin hat there towards the end, Scott. I could quote books about alien abductions, too, but what would that prove?

I don't want Muslims to be just like Americans. I do insist they "play nice", and that means no more terrorism. I don't believe all Muslims are terrorists. Nor do I believe all terrorists are Muslims, but that's a close one. It is fair to say the vast majority of terrorists active today are Muslims. Now that the last Euro marxists have been arrested, killed, or are just too old to do anything violent, and the Basques haven't done much of anything in a long time, the only non-Muslim terrorist incident I can think of is that sarin gas attack in Japan, and that was about 10 years ago +/-. So it's fair to say terrorists are Muslims.
I don't hold contempt for people's practicing or holding a religion; you misunderstand me. But if they use their religion to go around killing, raping, stealing, burning, etc., then hell yes I have contempt for them. We should, and thank God we are, bringing them to Allah. The sooner the better and let Him sort them out. Some politically correct dweebs get all exercized about how Americans used to call Japanese, during WWII, "nips" and "zips" and "japs". We don't call them that anymore, because they're not going around the world raping, murdering, burning and stealing anymore. When the Arabs start to behave properly, then we'll extend them proper respect. It is still true that you don't hear much if any apologizing from Arabs or Muslims for acts of terrorism. Quite the contrary. They really shouldn't have let themselves be videotaped dancing in the streets after 9-11. That's one image this American won't soon forget or forgive.
Oh, and when I say that the Arabs are today's NAZIs, I mean it literally. Look up the meaning of the acronyms NAZI and Ba'ath. Both are Narional Socialsim. Coincidence? I think not.
You don't know shit about what went on here during the election; you only know what you've been spoon fed from some very anti-American and virulently anti-Bush media sources. Be thankful that you're so wrong about the President of the United States. His little brother Jeb, currently governor of Florida, is a nice guy, too. Maybe in a few years y'll will get to know him better.


You are right Pedro, quoting books about alien abductions would in fact not prove a lot.........your point is? OHhhhhh.......silly me, I forgot all about your denial.......I should have known better.

Tell me something Pedro, doesn’t it piss you off when a news network just has to report that the murderer they just caught is a Southern Baptist? That bugs me, because it's prejudicial. Who cares if he's a Baptist or Mormon or what-the-frig ever!? Would it make him any different than a Christian Murderer in your eyes? In the same manner, who the fuck cares if these terrorists are Muslim? How does that matter? All it does, when saying "Islamic terrorists," is show prejudice against Islam.

Bush's rhetoric sets this up as a war "between good and evil," then he reiterates once again that these terrorists are "Islamic" , and he has declared his nation as "Christian." (Forget "freedom of religion" and a pluralistic society)....what nation is that exactly huh?.....his half-witted coalition of the willing???..... that makes up of less countries than you can count on your damn fingers? HA! That is freeking disturbing man, because he has falling right into these pricks hands and their self righteous so-called Jihads proclaimed in the name of Allah , and in doing so he has set this up rhetorically as a religious war all by himself. For Bush and his administration, this is a war between Christians and Muslims (he has even called it a "crusade") and Bush believes God is on the side of the Christians.

It's Bush's own version of jihad, rhetorically speaking.
That's what I have problems with Pedro. Yeah you're probably right. Most of the terrorists Bush is after probably are Muslims. But that shouldn't really matter because Islam is not the enemy, TERRORISTS are. There is roughly more than 4 times as many Muslims in the worlds populous then there is American citizens, one-third of the Worlds population is Muslim, more than 4 BILLION. So if there was a few thousand Muslim terrorists worldwide for example, that would equate to about 1 in every five million Muslims you could call a terrorist. Look inside your own nations cities (and I am not saying Canada is any better) and tell me the ratio of Good vs Evil is any better. It is is a grave mistake to make all of Islam the enemy. By doing so, you expose a type of racist ignorance as great as I have ever seen. Fact is, every Islamic representation across a hundred or so different countries immediately denounced the actions of 9/11 on the very day it happened and the next, and since this time, all of them have continued to actively speak out against Terrorism. But Bush is making enemies out of them anyway. He is not eliminating terrorism, he is ENCOURAGING it!

According to estimates in 2002, around 2800 innocent people were killed in the September 11th tragedy. In response, the American Military killed between approximately 5000 innocent civilians in Afganistan , and those numbers are still increasing there even. I guess two wrongs DO equal a right in Bush's plans, even if it does include innocent helpless woman and children

Now today we have George W. Bush who says he's delivering the gift of freedom to the Iraqi people, but he delivered a different gift to 100,000 of them: DEATH!!! You would think this data should haunt the American people and indict the Bush Administration, which doesn't even bother to count Iraq deaths. But sadly, Bush appears to be deaf to the civilian toll, and that's because his messianic militarism has clogged his ears and warped his clouded resolve.

American and British military officials insisted throughout the war that their forces did all they could to avoid civilian casualties. But it become clear in little time that bombs did go astray, targets were chosen in error, and that as US troops pushed rapidly north toward the capital they killed thousands of civilians from the air and from the ground.
You say Iraq is going to be better off when all this is done. Here is a precedent for ya…….when the USA finished their invasion of Nicaragua (another war based on fear), Nicaragua went from being moderately well off to the poorest nation in it's continent and tens of thousands died. But, it was largely kept quiet, so most Americans can tell you nothing of it.
And Bush and his GOP administraion started the Iraq War using blatant lies, deliberate deceptions,and misleading Americans by stating the troops would be met by Iraqis with flowers. In one devious tactic after another, Bush, Cheney, Powell and Rice constantly made statements which included WMDs, Osama bin Laden, terrorists, and Al Quaeda with Saddam Hussein in the same sentence.  Their intent was clear. To proclaim without a doubt they were sure Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and he had direct ties to terrorist networks.

But that was a lie, and the 9/11 Commission confirmed that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction and no ties to terrorists.  The GOP was successful in duping their party faithful with their trickery, but their attempt to link Hussein and Al Quaeda was proven to be a lie.  To justify going to war with Iraq, Bush lied during his 2003 State of the Union address as well saying that Iraq had received key parts to build nuclear weapons from an African country.  LIES AGAIN! Iraq DID NOT have a nuclear weapons capability.....and still Bush continues to repeat his lies throughout the duration of the Iraq War, as American media declares following debates with his opposing presidential candidate, that, if nothing else, most Americans would prefer to have a beer with Bush than Kerry........lawdy lawdy miss Clawdy........wtf is American coming to....what a crock!

Bush even finally admitted that there weren't any links between Saddam Hussein and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. But he fell far short of saying he lied when he first said there was a link between Saddam Hussein and the 9/11 attacks, didnt he!   Republicans like yourself will continue to disbelieve the Bush Regime lies or is corrupt in any kind of way because their crusade, as callously inhumane as it is, is something you WANT to move forward, bar nothing.

Lies, innocent civlian deaths, lies, Fallen soldiers killed from on a mission without a cause, more lies, more "homeland security" legislation to burn the blood of American freedoms, more lies, more deaths , and so on, and so on......You really don’t want to be concerned with little things like 'the truth'. Its far too convenient to remain in denial isnt it Pedro.....all hail the Skill and Crossbones huh, good ol George doesnt have much time for the meetings anymore, but no matter, he is serving the agenda well.

The republican attack against Iraq is the most blatant misuse of the U.S military in the history of your country.  Your troops are not in Iraq to make US safer or to fight terrorism.  That is just 100% GOP propaganda republicans have been duped into believing.  If corporations, like Halliburton, want to make 18 billion dollar contracts let them defend themselves. Force them to hire mercenaries from all over the world to defend themselves, THEN you could withdraw every US troop and bring them home where they belong.  Your military should be defending the United States and Americans, not be used as a mercenary force to protect corrupt corporations from cashing in on other people's misery.  Your soldiers in Iraq are being paid a couple of thousand dollars a month.  They are in constant danger 24 hours a day.  They are working alongside American contractors who are making five times that amount for working only eight hours a day. 

Bush and the GOP are shameless in their use of propaganda to hide the fact that, as pathetic puppets, they are using their own Nations soldiers for the financial fortunes of their corporate masters.  Their lust for money (lots of it ) has led to the deaths of more than 1100 troops so far, and that doesn't include the tens of thousands mutilated or psychologically ruined soldiers, or the thousands of murdered innocent Iraqis.  Bush and his adminstiration obviously don't give a damn about American troops.  All they care about is controlling the oil in Iraq.  Bush and the GOP have handed out a huge number of NO-BID contracts to their corporate campaign contributors, all republican companies. 

Never mind the non-absolute-fence-sitting politics that piss all you Republicans off , you all need to take off the blinders and see through the thinly veiled propaganda crap the GOP is busy spinning out of their propaganda machine.  All republicans appear to be nothing but pawns to fear-based propaganda from the Money+Power hungry GOP. With Bush as a lame duck president there will be no stopping him and the GOP from increasing the scale of the Iraq war, strip all human services, and give further tax breaks to the extremely wealthy.  And every bill they pass will result in a large burden on middle and lower class Americans. And it won't just affect this generation, but generations to come.  The GOP has demonstrated zero concern for the financial futures of your children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren.  President Bush is probably the most fiscally irresponsible president in your nation's history.

Bush is entering his second term facing an escalating casualty rate in Iraq, a record trade deficit, a staggering budget deficit, sky-high oil prices, and a deeply divided nation. As the Republicans face likely failure, progressive thinkers in America need to start preparing for regime change in 2008 or sooner. Don’t forget that Nixon was reelected with a bigger margin than Bush, but he was dealt impeachment within a year.

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