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SO????? And then???


Welcome back, Bone!


We didn't ask for a cultural jihad, we are a microcosm of the larger country. The main difference being that while the country as a whole was dashed in the face with ice water on 9/11, the milder folk have had to endure the onslaught of the 'intelligensia' Metrosexuals for the past 30 years. We're finally figuring out 'Hey we're the adults around here, you kids shut up and go to bed!'

Rick the Bomber

Okay - I'll step out of my element and be politically incorrect (fka honest, frank, blunt, etc.) We 'natalists' will win this jihad going away in less than a generation. And, the intelligentsia knew it before the election - hence the shrill, terror-stricken, panicked temper-tantrums. It's simple math.

Homosexuals (aka alternative lifestyles) don't reproduce. They are the union-workers of our parent's generation for the socialists (er, Democrats). Only their offspring will not vote 'D' because their parents did.

An educated black voter does not vote Democratic. This couldn't be more obvious than it is today. I don't think I have ever seen a well-spoken, intelligent, black person of influence that was a liberal. The left has Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. The right has Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas. Clearly, an educated black population is the socialist's (er, xuse me, Democrat’s) worst nightmare. Hence, the left’s opposition to school vouchers and the basis for their unrelenting insulting racial slurs targeting every prominent and educated black person who is also conservative.

'Natalist's' are the glue that keep the country together and we will do our part to make more 'natalists' until things are back in balance – including ramping up the production lines and educating black children. I even know of one family who has leveraged their investment by adopting a black child to compliment their other four kids.

I doubt many in the blue counties got a child tax credit. They tend to have too much income, no income, or no kids. I would love to see the correlation of the recipients of the child tax credit to the vote.

In case y’all metrohomolimosocialistintelligentsia dumbasses ain’t figgerd it out yet, W ain’t no dummy.


"metrohomolimosocialistintelligentsia dumbasses"

You do know how to coin a phrase, Mr. Bomber!


oh fuck you.


To be fair, we liberals/progressives/what-have-yous are not especially concerned over your fertility levels, least not when it comes to the balance of political power in this nation or the world (how it effects the environment is a different story). We're not concerned because our parents were conservatives, and their parents were conservatives. Nothing makes a child progressive like conservative parents, and you needn't take my word for it. Consider the fact that conservatives and evangelical Christians were once the majority in this nation, that their birth rates never dipped below those of the rest of the country, and yet they're in the minority today. This despite the fact that evangelical Christians produce more missionaries per capita than progressives! Maybe we're just not buying what you're selling? Worse still, it's likely the numerous children you're producing will follow in the footsteps of all the previous children of conservatives. Some few stay, the rest leave for more progressive parts. It's the story of parenting, nothing specific to a political ideology: children grow up into human beings with minds of their own and they're more likely to reject everything you stand for than follow your plan. If anything, all this talk about outbreeding other groups, whoever those other groups are, leaves me worried for the children produced. If closing some baby gap is a real motivation in this, how will you treat the children that don't conform? Last salvo: the first feminists had traditional mothers.


Glimmering, almost every word of that is wrong. But I'm curious -- what lead you into my 2 year old archives?

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