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da' bronx

To follow on your Elemental Thread

Top reasons Harriet implodes:

Harrietium an unknown element................

No atomic mass

No decisions - inert

Any particles held together by Texium - a possible moron force

No electrons - could be positive charge or could be negative charge

Other positrons out there that should have been appointed by Texium


roger that Bronx. POTUSium Texium really stepped on it with his golf shoes this time.

John Weidner

"...constitutional reasoning is a talent -- a skill acquired, as intellectual skills are, by years of practice sustained by intense interest..."

Sorry, but I think Will's full of it. You only need those years of practice if you want to distort the Constitution into a new shape. Then you need your intellectual crystal ball to discover penumbras and emanations and spirits from the vasty deep.

But the Constitution was not written by scholars or for scholars. For instance, anyone who is interested in history knows that, to the founders, an "establishment of religion" meant a state church. Nothing more. That's what the phrase meant then.

And a "militia" was all the able-bodied men and boys in the village turning out with whatever muskets and fowling pieces they had because the injuns or redcoats were coming. A "well regulated militia" did not mean anythng like our National Guard.


I agree Will is full of it -- he's been captured by the establishment. But he's right about soome aspects of the Miers nomination.
What do you think about my points that, in her case especially, she should answer specific questions about constitutional law?
And do you agree with me that, as an attourney and presidential council, she does not fill the role of "fresh perspective" or "outsider"?

John Weidner

By all means hit her with questions about constitutional law. My guess is that she will have some damn good answers. And if she doesn't, that would be possible grounds for voting against her.

(My suspicion is that all those excellent appellate nominations that Bush has proposed were vetted by none other than Miers, and she's been asking people like Judge Roberts some hard constitutional questions.)

And she's from outside the usual sources of Sup. Ct nominees, which are usually judges or elected politicians. She's run a 500-person law firm, which is something like running a business. That's outside the usual. And being WH Counsel is a very different experience from most nominees. (And is also a very substantial position in itself. The sneers that she's just "Bush's personal lawyer" are ridiculous. "


Good points.
But that 9:30 bedtime won't fly.

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