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Rob Salkowitz

Heh - I quoted the same article. It's funny - if you think that Bush is honest, sincere and principled, you keep running into these perplexing contradictions in his policies. But if you assume instead, as your pals on the Left always have, that he's concerned exclusively with rewarding his financial/political cronies, isn't much interested in public policy as it concerns either liberal or conservative ordinary citizens, and isn't really that bright, it all starts to make sense...

I'm beginning to think we might even be able to agree on a genuine fiscally-conservative, strong-on-defense libertarian type, if such could be found in either major party these days.


Rob, if you know of such a libertarian type, let me know. Steve Forbes might be there, might not. Don't know that much about him except he can sometimes think outside the DC box.
Know anything about Evan Byah(sp) Dem Indiana? He's seemed pretty level headed when I've heard him speak.
Hey, wait a sec... Hillary!!


Puritan pundits pull out their pliers,
Pinching the Prez over Harriet Miers,
Stunned that they've received no surety
Of her ideological purity.
Liberals of suspicious mind
Naturally, though, expect to find
Anyone Mr. Bush delivers
"Pure" enough to give them shivers.

And neither are greatly mollified
By finding her so unqualified.
Will any old lawyer suit that Court
Who knows how to serve a half-baked tort?

But the greatest objection to letting a crony in
Is that it's so patently un-Hamiltonian.
Will the whole Senate exclaim with defiance, "We
Shun insignificance! Veto pliancy!"
Or will Mr. Bush get to keep his treasure,
"Obsequious instrument of his pleasure?"

Poor Mr. Hamilton can't be blamed;
Who'd think of a leader who can't be shamed?

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