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I did a post on this a few days back. Actually, compared to the population of France, it does not seem that French police are wounded at a faster rate than American police. It is just that their criminals come from a somewhat different demographic.


Me again. I somehow stumbled upon your blog, and the only thing that's kept me here is the utter amount of bullshit that needs to be set straight.
I live in Paris, and the Banlieue is indeed a fairly violent place, police officers can't travel in small groups, and in the 'cités' it is increasingly difficult to have the police intervene.
But this has NOTHING to do with radical islamism.
Fact is, many young immigrants in the cités are from north africa, and come from a muslim family, but to call them radical islamists is just completely wrong.
I don't know if you have bad sources or if you just wildly misinterpert everything you read, but this blog is a perfect example of all the bad things the internet has given us : blogs where a person who knows NOTHING about a given topic blabbers on and on with misinformation and personal biases.
Racial and religious tensions in and around Paris are a very serious, delicate, and complex problem. Next time just post a picture of a cute doggy.

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