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Gosh, wouldn't it be fun if you could polish off that blog entry of about two years ago today when you smugly wrote about the permanent demise of the democratic party and the unstoppable superiority of the GOP? Hmmm? :-)


OK, I came here to gloat, but I feel for you. I really do. I remember what it is like to wake up after this big a loss. (Only there isn't a hint of election fraud this time to add salt to the wound.)

I love how all the exit polls, actually every poll for the last 6 months say that the Republicans are out of touch with the war, yet you choose fiscal responsiblility and corruption as your two big planks.

Ok, corruption was also high in the exit polls, but the war was number 1.

This isn't about Republicans working together, it's about Republicans working well with others.

Love you!!! Brandy

Rob Salkowitz

"voters perceive Democrats as spending big money on them, the voters, whereas Republicans are seen as spending on themselves and on Big Business."

That is a really good observation. Also, on moral turpitude and sexual scandal, Dems can survive better than R's because Dems don't make sexual morality part of their politics. They may be perverts, but at least they're not hypocrites and perverts.

You might also take comfort in the fact that the Dem majority this year was made possible by socially-moderate, fiscally-responsible candidates like Casey, Webb, Tester, Schuler, etc. The old liberals may be in charge of the committees in the House, but they owe their seats to a new crop whose ideology is actually a little closer to old-line conservatism than many in the current day GOP. If they want to keep the big offices and the new drapes, they'll do well to remember that. Otherwise this will be a real short ride.

Here's wishing you a pleasant two years of bitter and resentful opposition. It's not so bad after a while, and it's fun to complain about stuff without having to take any responsibility.


As Lilly Tomlin once said, "No matter how cynical you get, you can't keep up."

Yeah, I know people are pissed about there being a war and all, I got the memo on that, but I don't understand what is suposed to get fixed by electing a bunch of Democrats.

I guess fighting the Islamic Extreamists will be cheaper when they are suicide bombing shopping malls in Chicago during Christmas. It will certainly be closer.

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