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Relevant Murder Rates (which is what the article quoted in the post sometimes talks about when it isn't changing to something else so you don't notice it's started to compare apples and roofing tar)

Murders per Million People
UK - 14.06
US - 42.80
Florida - 53.2
DC - 359.7

So, not only is the UK not some variety of hidden murder sanctuary, it's roughly 1/3 of the US and just over 1/4 as much a murder haven as Florida... (And hardly "worse than DC"

Guess all those guns don't make Florida safer than the UK.


I don't fine "relevant murder rates". I do find "violent incidents", which includes woundings, robberies, and common assaults (HA!).

I've read before that home invasions, relatively rare here, are common in the UK because people are forced to rely on security systems rather than fire arms.

True, I'd rather be robbed than murdered. However, since I'm not a black inner city drug dealing male youth, I don't need to worry much about being murdered.

Imagine what ending the insane war on drugs would do to our murder rate.


Actually, the robbery rate in the UK is lower than Florida. (Yes, I looked up a bunch of stats) Reread his article, though. He changes what he's talking about multiple times to make it easier to draw incorrect conclusions...

Overall, the general crime rate is 6% higher in the UK than the US (and much lower than DC) The rate of robbery and murder are higher in Florida than the UK. (but the rate of littering may be higher - something is adding to their figures that isn't violent)

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