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Hmm. The Bolivar has fluctuated less than 1% in the time period your mentioning. Guess things in Venezuela are doing OK for Venezuelans.

Now as for imagining how much it would stink to be living in a pretty good country and have the rug yanked out from under you...

I used to live in a country with a wealthy middle class, that abhored torture, that believed in peace and justice, that subscribed to the Writ of Habeas Corpus, that didn't spy on its citizens, that had a government responsive to its people with checks and balances to prevent abuse of power and a surplus in the treasury.

A country where the worst thing people worried about was the sex lives of celebrities including elected officials.

I don't have to imagine what it's like to be living in a pretty good country and have the rug yanked out from under you. I was in a great one and we've had the rug yanked out from under us for just over 2,200 days.

Cpt. Capitalism

Yes, I was having that same thought. If the US was smart, we'd set up some kind of process by which we could bring in the high-skilled Venezuelans and have them set up shop here.

No socialists would leave because they have utopia on the way. Nor, in theory, would Hugo have a problem with those capitalist pigs leaving his haven...of course, when people try to leave his mentor's country, they get shot.

I actually had an idiot trying to defend Hugo.


Given the comments from MikeFromSeattle of late, I'm really starting to like this guy! :-)

And regarding med mal attorneys from an earlier posting, you should talk to my client "Jerry", whose beloved 50ish year old wife had simple back surgery. 1 day after post op, she wasn't monitored at all by the weekend nursing shift, the doctor on call couldn't be reached, she was symptomatic and sick as hell and by the time "Jerry" found someone to do their job, her BP was 220/140. She soon threw a blood clot, had a massive stroke and died.

That's just one anecdotal incident. May some bad doctor or hospital never kill you or a loved one. As the TV ad says "A medical malpractice case is always frivolous until it's your case".


Walt, that's part of what makes reforming the tort system so difficult. Most of the little pieces make sense, kind of, but when you get it all cobbled together it doesn't work very well for most of us. Please note that I didn't say I had no respect for med mal lawyers, just that I value production more. And in the case of Senator Edwards he made so much money so fast in what I recall seemed to be some rather frivolous cases that I don't like it. Nor did I care for his class warfare kind of politics, nor for the hypocrisy his giant crib represents.

Mike, I feel your pain. I'm sorry you feel that way. For me, sports talk radio was the antidote to the Clinton years. But really, I think you've gone a bit hysterical there. Really. Anytime one is counting the days it's a sign that perspective may have been lost. Maybe if you took a break from politics you'd see that things aren't nearly as bad as you paint them.


Yes, tort reform is usually a subject that makes me apoplectic and shrill, and while disappointed, I wasn't offended. And really, I'm not the big loser in tort reform (specifically med mal), you are. Every potential patient in the country. Eroding patients' right in various states has had the paradoxical effect of increasing incidents of malpractice in hospitals as there are fewer safety measures to prevent bad doctors from being bad doctors. But, I could go on for hours on this subject....


And if I may be so bold, if I had my way, the word "hypocrite" would be banned from any discussion about politics on all sides. Our charming legislators have give us a dirth of examples of hypocrisy on both the left and right. Ultimately we can only account for our own actions and try to maintain a semblance of moral highground. To ascribe the lack of hypocrisy to either side of a political party or party faction is folly. Only exception -those political religious zealots who claim to be God (not god-like, but God), who sit in judgment of you & me and who then have a major fall from grace and then claim to be only human.

And, if I REALLY had my way, the use of the word "hypocrite" within the confines of Washington D.C. is immediate cause for arrest.


Good point.
Very good point.


About going on for hours on the subject of tort reform... Why don't you? Want to put up a guest post or two at The Happy Carpenter?


Thanks Pedro. I'll think about it. I'm afraid I'd put your readers to sleep....


Don't sell yourself short. Besides, if half the satisfaction from writing doesn't come from the writing itself, you're wasting your time. Screw the readers! Get it off your chest, man!

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