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I agree with you! Let kids be kids as long as no major harm can come from it. I'm sure you were pushing the cart while she was on it, and if it happened to tip over, you could catch it before it fell anyways. And how much damage can a freaking shopping cart do to a kid anyways? A few scratches and scrapes, maybe in the very worst case senario a sprained ankle or something. Anyway, some people just don't remember when they were kids!


I think you are missing the point. The store is running a business and has various operational expenses including insurance, and payroll. Every accident costs the store dearly in terms of insurance premiums, compensation claims, and paryoll for those involved handling the incident who could otherwise be helping customers. Once medical claim for an injured customer costs the store 10s of thousands of dollars. It is bad for business to have an unsafe operation and OSHA dosn't let them, not just corporate.

Home Depot takes safety very seriously because it is a wharehouse and if they don't people get hurt and sometimes killed. It isn't about taking away your authority as Dad, it is their store ... and guests in the store need to act accordingly.

As a dad you should be leading by example, teaching manners, respect for others, and proper behavior when visiting other people's homes and places of business! Go play at the park and not where others are trying to earn a living and support a family.


B, it's not that I don't understand your point. I do. But I must not have made mine clearly.
Yes, Home Depot and the like need to protect themselves against claims. BUT THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE TO!
We should be responsible for ourselves. If my kid falls off the cart under my supervision, then I should be the responsible party, NOT Home Depot.


You are right ...

Home Depot shouldn't have to protect themselves against claims for injury on the property that is clearly the fault of the visitors.

But unfortunately that is not the world we live in. For every one of you who sees that risk management is a problem there are many more willing to cash in on a company with deep pockets. So how do you propose reforming personal injury lawsuits? By disregarding the rules and making life difficult for the associates who are required to enforce the store policies?

Even if you remove the safety issue from the policy of not riding on carts, it is still poor manners as a guest of the store. Just as those who let their kids rummage through everything and leave a mess behind you are taking associates away from helping customers who need assistance.

You are still a guest in any business you visit, act with some manners and work for lawsuit reform where it counts.

You'll probably get better service in the store too. And if not you, then the single mom who doesn't know a hammer from a screwdriver, but needs to fix something, might be able to get help from the associate who is not tied up enforcing store policies or cleaning up after messy guests.

I appoligize if it seems I am being pointed here but everywhere I go I see customers who are rude and disrespectful of the businesses they frequent. They seem to think the old saying "The customer is always right" is true. It isn't. Customers are frequently wrong but smart businesses know when to let customer's have their way (even when they are rude) and when not to.

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