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OMG!!! I agree with you. Well mostly.

The breakthroughs they have had in solar energy the last 5 years are mind blowing. Actually, beyond mind blowing. All that’s really left to do is price and this same battery technology.

So, I would also make a huge commitment to solar power. I really don’t have much against nuclear power; except that by any rational ranking, it has to rank below solar, if solar can supply the demand.

Frank Borger

There is one "breakthrough" insolar power that isn't going to happen soon. The energy per sq foot won't go up, and the sun won't conveniently stop overhead so you don't have cosine losses.

Similarly we have basic chemical limitations in batteries. Newer technologies have made significant strides in battery weight, but little else.

The bottom line is that good technology doesn't need government money to do the research. Anytime someone wants Uncle Sam to pour money into reasearch, it's because sensible investors recognize a dog when they see it.


Ahhh. Proft. Yes, nothing is worth doing if it doesn't generate profit.



Well, so what if it takes lots of square feet? We've got lots of square feet, especially in the desert where it's sunny all the time. Yeah, the nuttier greens will resist even solar power because of the shade cast by the collectors bothers the endangered quasilizards of the Mojave just like the BANANAs of Nantucket (no names, please) opposed wind power.

Nothing wrong with the profit motive, and Frank is right to a point. However, that point stops short of trumping the need to undercut the Arabs.


So an unrestricted profit margin is fine until it has side-effects that damage society?

Welcome to the left...

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