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No, I'd say that Nir Shariv is an unknown associate professor making a name for himself and maybe claim all those oil company rewards to help pay for living in Haifa on an Associate Professor's salary.

After all, he's gone from being an unknown 35 year old from Ithaca New York who wrote a few graduate school papers on cosmic rays and who has actually been employed as a scientist for five years now whose biggest achievement was a blog called ScienceBits to being "one of Israel's top young scientists" without doing much actually scientific and nothing in climatology or geology or meteorology.

I'd dismiss this as desparation on the part of anybody who is trying to ignore virtually every scientist on the planet by grasping onto any straw not already under water.

(Interestingly, the exact phrase "one of Israel's top young scientists" shows up in 250 separate articles about him. The conservative echo chamber really should get a thesaurus rather than just copying each other word for word)


And now that I've answered that, how about you answering these (or just posting, "hey, Mike, I didn't know that. I guess you're right." on the front page? :-)

Nobody on the right side of this blog was able to say what "Victory" in Iraq was (Just that any plan their leaders didn't propose wouldn't accomplish this phantom combined with a purely-on-faith belief that whatever this Administration proposed must be right.)

Nobody on the right side of this blog was able to say why Republican Administrations grow the government consistently faster than Democratic ones and have for the entire post-WWII era or present facts from a neutral source that MY facts were in any way in error.

Nobody on the right side of this blog was able to say why we die younger and have more babies die than most other industrial countries or present facts from a neutral source that MY facts were in any way in error.


Mike, I'll get around to doing on my blog what I want to and when I want to. Sometimes I don't feel like replying because it's just too tiresome.

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