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Well, interesting that OPEC's take on Global Warming is represented here.

If you weren't aware of it, Dr. Lindzen, besides testifying to Congress as a paid "expert" by the oil and coal industries also wrote his paper, "Global Warming: the Origin and Nature of Alleged Scientific Consensus" under contract from OPEC.

But, hey, we are always happy to help our Saudi overlords.


ZING!! You go Mikey. [snicker, snicker].


Insult & smear. Greaaaaaaat.


OTOH, I just finished reading Thank You for Smoking by Christopher Buckley -- funniest book I've read in years.


Um. Stating facts is now and insult? Documentation is now a smear?

Compare and contrast
A) Documenting who paid for a "research" report that disagrees with every scientific journal on the planet and coincidentally backs the results wanted by the sponsors
B) calling virtually every scientist on the planet "Chicken Little".

Which is "insult & smear"? Why? Show your work.


And speaking of facts...

Just a few missing replies:

Nobody on the right side of this blog was able to say what "Victory" in Iraq was (Just that any plan their leaders didn't propose wouldn't accomplish this phantom combined with a purely-on-faith belief that whatever this Administration proposed must be right.)

Nobody on the right side of this blog was able to say why Republican Administrations grow the government consistently faster than Democratic ones and have for the entire post-WWII era or present facts from a neutral source that MY facts were in any way in error.

Nobody on the right side of this blog was able to say why we die younger and have more children die than most other industrial countries or present facts from a neutral source that MY facts were in any way in error.

Just pointing out a few of the unanswered facts still remaining on just the front page...

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