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Robert McNamara about Vietnam: “there is no evidence that the South Vietnamese would ever have been able to accomplish on their own what they failed to achieve with massive American assistance. The level of congressional funding was irrelevant....The Nixon administration, like the Johnson administration before it, could not give the South Vietnamese the essential ingredient for success: genuine indigenous political legitimacy.”

You can say that Dems have declared defeat, but how much more time, money and life need to be wasted until you believe that what you now regard as victory (after finding WMD, deposing Saddam, etc., etc.) isn't going to happen?

Do we just go at this indefinitely?

BTW, it's only fair that I let you poke holes in my writing at redpillbog.com.


Well, first off, I don't think Iraq is much like Viet Nam. More like Italy, really, than either VN or Germany or Japan. But it's a screwed up place with a lot of screwed up people, to be sure.

How long? As long as it takes.

How much money? As much as it costs.

How many lives? As many as it takes. But more on lives -- except for the liberation of Kuwait, this has been the least deadly war we've ever fought. Well, I'm not sure about the Barbary Pirates in the 18th century, but comparing to the 19th or 20th centuries, this war has been almost bloodless. For us, that is.

What's the big hurry to declare defeat? Why stop now? And what about the consequences of retreat in the face of a puny and innept yet clever and determined enemy? It might please France, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Iran, but what is in preemptive surrender for us?

And to be clear, I don't believe defeat is going to happen unless we make it happen. All we lack is determination on the part of 50% of our population.

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