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Yep, that sure does make up for him being the worst president in American history (with the possible exception of Buchanan who handed over the Civil War to Lincoln).


I'd say Jefferson Davis was the worst American president. W's not even close IMHO, in fact I think he's better than average but not what he could have been, but thanks for stopping by.
I think the point is that VP Gore is a dangerous fraud. People need to know that.


WADR (with all due respect), I don't think you're paying attention.


Thanks for the due respect. I think that's important and I appreciate it.
My problems with the President are mostly with his being not conservative enough - pork, soft on Iran, soft on Saudi Arabia, soft on secret-leakers, campaign finance free speech restrictions, too slow to build up the size of the Army & Marine Corps, pork. I like his war on terror policies, but I think he's been too slow to make changes. I'd give him a B- overall.
He might be the worst speaking president of all time, certainly of the modern age, although not many people know that Thomas Jefferson was such a poor speaker he had others read his speeches (which he wrote himself).
Have a great day, Gonzo.

The Gonz

We'll agree to disagree but thanks for some admission of his shortcomings. I'm still amazed he has a 29% approval rating, but those are the ones who still think he's God's very own annointed president.

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