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Jonathan Cobb

Good article.

I think the article says one ton of coal to three tons of carbon dioxide, on the assumption the coal is primarily carbon. Carbon's atomic weight is twelve, oxygen is 16, so CO2 has a molecular weight of 44. That's a bit more than three times, but coal isn't pure carbon, so the amount of CO2 produced probably works out to about three times that of the original coal once you allow for the impurities.


Thanks for your remarks, Jonathan, and I'm inclined to take anybody's word for it whose address ends in nuclear.org. But...
Atomic weights not withstanding, how can one get three bushels of stuff by burning one bushel? If you could collect every molecule of smoke, ash & whatnot and weigh it, wouldn't it be one pound minus a very miniscule amount of matter that had been converted into energy?
Forgive my ignorance. It's been a while since college and my kids are just now coming up on middle school, so I'm out of practice.

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    Saw 30 in one flock on a weptember evening while fishing
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    Finally, my first hummingbirds. Saw them on a fire bush in Crystal Beach, FL. My rental's neighbor's yard is all xeriscaped, which is ugly to me but just fine with the little hummers. At first, I thought they were the biggest hornets I'd ever seen.
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    I saw a flock of about 200 of these at Disappearing Island yesterday, just south of Anclote Island on the west coast of FL. Good to see such a large flock.
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