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da' bronx


This time I agree with Al Gore - Global Warming is Real!

Click on the link and I believe you will agree too.



It is a genuine pleasure to read a blog that is not all puffery and baloney concerning global warming and Al Gore. Thank you and keep it up!!


For more on stuff like this, you can't do better than Greenie Watch and Kerplunk, linked to from the left column of this site.

Thanks for your kind words. GO GATORS!


I think this article is really interesting and self-explanatory >>link deleted by THC <<


Please make your point directly. I don't permit others to clog my blog with unsupported links.


I think it's a very interesting news, self-explanatory.

That news said that the man behind the campaign against Al Gore global warming is known for being financed by companies that are against showing what is Global Warming.

BTW: unsupported links? which are the supported ones?, I'm not trying to clog your blog, I just bring a different point of view from related news sources, as others can link to youtube why am I NOT ALLOWED to post them.

The point that I don't see is deleting links rather than comment them, or just deleting different points of view

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